Christmas presents!

Whether you like it or not Christmas is just around the corner, personally I love it!! Everyone seems happier and seems a bit kinder to their fellow man.
Alright you may over indulge in the things you try and avoid all year but what the heck eh?
It seems that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year, adverts on the TV and Christmas music in the shops in November.
So I thought to myself if people are out buying their Christmas presents now why doesn’t Prime Mover Fitness get its Christmas vouchers on sale.
Get friends, family, partners, colleagues and everyone else you buy presents for moving! with some classes or PT’s as gifts.
Get your loved ones to treat you to some PT sessions.
Contact Danny on 0114 2446531 or at to buy your vouchers.
Have a cracking Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.
Danny and the Prime Mover Fitness Team.

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