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The Aphrodite Project
The holistic route to a Goddess body
Coaching | Nutrition | Mindset | Hormone Optimisation | Accountability
“Wow. I love what I see”???
The Aphrodite Project is the answer to LOVING that reflection you see!
Any of this sound familiar?

• That “goal” weight you have in your head seems less and less plausible

• Your bare body is a source of embarrassment… not confidence or pride

• You know you should work out more… but who has time for that?

• “Bikini? Me?! HA!”

Maybe you’ve struggled with your weight your whole life. Maybe it’s just gotten a little tougher over the last few years.

Regardless, your weight is NOT just “the way you are,” and it’s NOT something you have to go on living with.

What if instead of hiding behind loose shirts and modest outfits, you showed a little skin… and felt great about it?

What if you felt more beautiful and confident… in and out of your clothes?

What if diet and exercise weren’t this big mystery… and you could jump into an easy-to-follow program, enjoy the process, and not only lose weight… but also reveal that lean, sexy Goddess underneath in just 8 weeks?

Wouldn’t you feel better than ever about yourself?

You’re always doing things for other people… it’s time that YOU did something for YOU!
The Aphrodite team have over 20 years experience in creating female body transformations!
When you go to the hair salon, you trust that you’re in the hands of the best hair dresser. I’d imagine your nails are done by the best technician as well, someone you totally trust?
So, why would you put the transformation of your body and mind in the hands of anyone other than the best? Our team has helped hundreds of women transform their bodies and minds over the years, which is why we can say with absolute conviction – WE can get YOU in the best shape of your life!

With the right support you can finally realise your potential
Many women have tried and failed to see progress in programs in the past, which often leaves a bitter taste in their mouths. Can you relate to this? If so, it’s not your fault! It’s simply down to the fact that the program just wasn’t right for you.

This is where The Aphrodite Project sets itself apart from anything else. It’s a combination of the amazing levels of support and the group aspect, where all of our Goddesses build each other up, that truly sets us apart. We firmly believe that with the right support, you will finally reach your true Goddess potential!
You don't have time NOT to do The Aphrodite Project!
If you think about it, you actually don’t have time to NOT do The Aphrodite Project! I mean, which takes more time: 
A) Aimlessly exercising with no direction, progression, or challenges 
B) Having a team of experts telling you exactly what to do and when to do it? What to lift, what to eat, when to drink. As well as how to retrain your mindset and truly take care of your body.

Option A could take an indefinite amount of time (you might never achieve your goals this way!), however Option B only takes 8 weeks. 

So, which one don’t you have time for?
Take a moment to visualise where you could be in 8 weeks’ time
You might be feeling worried that your current fitness level is a barrier to starting a program like The Aphrodite Project. However, that’s like a young Jessica Ennis not running at school simply because she wasn’t already the world champion. The ONLY barrier to your success on The Aphrodite Project is an unwillingness to give it your all on the program.
Immerse yourself into The Aphrodite Project and your dream Goddess body will be a reality in just 8 short weeks!
Have you ever seen a bulky Goddess?
Now, if you’re feeling a little worried about training with weights, you’re not alone. There are countless women who still believe that strength training will make them ‘bulky.’ 
Have you ever seen a bulky Goddess though? Have you ever seen a ‘bulky’ girl on the cover of Women’s Health? What about Oxygen Magazine? Yeah, neither have we!

The amazing women on these covers lift weights. Big weights, most days of the week in fact! Weights don’t make you bulky. Weights + crappy nutrition might yield those results, but The Aphrodite Project includes a huge focus on nutrition so it’s not something you even need to worry about.

Weights + the perfect nutrition plan = total Goddess transformation!
You can’t out run your fork. That’s why we will help you with an easy-to-follow nutrition program that will match up with your fitness goals. 
We will help you to set specific goals and create your individualised plan to help you reach YOUR optimal body. Let’s set some goals... then demolish them!
All sessions incorporate strength, cardio, stability, toning, and flexibility into an undulating periodization model. This will build lean muscle, burn calories and fat, change your body shape and take your health and fitness to the next level!
We won’t leave you hanging. Throughout the 8-week transformation we will have 
constant nutrition coaching  and ongoing assessments to ensure you are on track to that dream body!
You're worth the investment!
When was the last time you did something just for yourself? 

You deserve to look and feel a way that makes you shine. And don’t be fooled into thinking this program will only benefit you. Eight weeks from now, the new and improved (see: sexier, more confident, healthier) version of you, will have an impact on all of those around you as well! Your partner, children, colleagues, everyone you come into contact with will feel the Goddess radiating through.

Joining The Aphrodite Project will positively impact your whole world, which makes it your responsibility to not only do the program, but do it better than anyone ever has before. 

YOU are worth the investment!
*Results may vary. Individual adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.
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